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Merch x Erinem

"Bobby Flay of Section 8" Apron

"Bobby Flay of Section 8" Apron

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Thanks to this embroidered apron you don't have to worry about keeping your clothes clean while working long stints in the trap kitchen! Send your smurfs out for more NyQuil, because the Chef has Sleepy Chicken back on the menu!

Pull out the Teflon and grab the good glass because today we are making something far more insidious than what's usually on the menu. TikTok recipes. You may not keep your lunch down, but you'll still look snazzy and confident in this crisp white apron with gothic lettering, declaring you as the Unbeatable Bobby Flay of Section 8.

Are you the cook for your entire subsidized housing community? Well my friend, you've come to the right place! Let 'em know who runs the kitchen with this intimidating yet classy chef's apron with designs and lyrics x erinem.

Are those blood stains, or tomato puree? It doesn't matter! This apron is made from highly stain resistant material, sure to wash away the evidence without the need for harsh traditional chemicals (we still recommend those though... forensics is no joke).

But of course, we are all just making fun and innocent recipes here at merch x erinem; time honored culinary classics, like Pink Sauce with a Chance of Salmonella, Green Eggs and Hammered, Deconstructed Sleepy Chicken, and more. We stay hungry here - and now you know why!

Rest assured that whatever it is you've got cooking, this life-proof linen is up to the task. The neck loop is sized to always lay perfectly, and with long ties you can wrap yourself up mummy-style, just like the pros do.

This chef's kitchen must-have is thoughtfully designed for the real-world problems today's trap chefs are facing. We even designed our apron with two front pockets to securely hold *both* of your cell phones! Finally!

With intricate embroidery and Erinem's hand-drawn "Plated NyQuil Steak" embellished on the front, The "Bobby Flay of Section 8" Apron ties the whole trap-kitchen look together with effortless ease.

Best of all, the embroidered insignia pulls double duty: With the phrase "The Unbeatable Bobby Flay of Section 8" stitched prominently on the apron's front panel, you are wearing both a title declaring your ultimate kitchen prowess, while simultaneously repping the lyrics from Erinem's upcoming single, "Leap"

The "Bobby Flay of Section 8" Apron is the chef's kiss to any unconventional cooking career. Bon Appétit!

design x erinem

• 70% polyester, 30% cotton
• Size: 20″ × 30″
• Adjustable neck loop and long ties
• Two front pockets

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